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    First layer not sticking

    I've tried everything; cleaned bed, leveled, replaced nozzle, used default slice settings. Please help.

    Ender 5 Plus
    0.4mm nozzle
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    Print one of the many leveling tests from Thingiverse or Thangs. Then you will be able to tell if your extruder nozzle is perhaps to high from the bed, or perhaps too close to it.
    Plenty of videos on Youtube about bed levelling and how to read the test prints.

    After that you could perhaps use a glue stick on the bed.

    Perhaps edit your post to show what temperatures you were using.

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    Nozzle is 200, bed is 60. I figured out my bed is immediately getting lower after leveling it. I leveled it and started a print that failed. So I checked level and the bed already moved down too much. How do I fix that?

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    Look in your slicer settings for where you can hopefully change the global 'Z' axis setting.
    I think you will have to put a negative input there, just try a small amount each time until you are happy, can only suggest perhaps minus 0.05 to start with.

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    Looks like I fixed it by changing the z axis up a little on the ender 5 plus in leveling settings. Print is going good now! Weee! Thanks!

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