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    Vapoizer Battery Mod 3D Printed

    My latest design. 2600 Mah Litium Ion battery - Ego style top end. Glow in the dark "8" - Finished with acetone vapor

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    That's really neat!
    I'm not into vaping (quit smoking 3 years ago) but I can definitely appreciate the designs that go into the vaporizer.

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    404 page not found(((

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    This post seems interesting and useful. I am also using vape pod since the last one year. ccell th210 vape pen cartridge is my favourite one and this cartridge to utilize cannabis oil or CBD or THC. It has high viscosity extracts, clean taste, and the best of all, it has a very low failure or leak rate.

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    it does no open

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    I like the design of this vaporizer. It looks like it could save you some money. I've been vaping for a long time, but I haven't learned how to maintain a vaporizer, so I buy maintenance-free, and it gets more expensive. But you know that. I wanted to learn how to do winding, and I even asked my friend to show me how to do it, but the result wasn't satisfying in terms of taste. So I continued to buy premade vaporizers to experience many large range of mint e-liquids. The flavor transfer is a subjective concept as my friend felt absolutely no difference.
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    you can buy from SadBoy eLiquids

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    You can buy any vaporizer from any where but the thing keeps in mind that is the design and packaging of vaporizer. I am also from those persons who like the eye-catching designs and good quality hemp box packaging. This hemp boxes packaging has very low leak rate and handy. The hemp box packaging used very high quality materials in vaporizer package manufacturing.

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