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    Angry Ender 3 Blue Screen

    The Worst!! First the Blue screen and now the Motherboard upgrade in process and Not going well. The new board installed and would not extrude so the seller is sending replacement ASAP. Frustrated Beyond what can be expressed Thanks

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    It's an ender 3 mate, you buy junk, don't expect miracles.

    They are an extremely poor mechanical design, often coupled with the cheapest and nastiest components the various manufacturers can get their hands on.

    There are also a lot of 'returns' floating around at the moment. People bought ove lockdown, intending to make their fortume printing unicorn tears.
    Discovered that desktop 3d printers aren't magic and require learning to use, and many got sent back - often after they were broken.

    So there are a lot of manufacturers that are still selling these returns as new machines.

    I wish you all the luck in the world :-)
    You'll probably need it.
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