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    Unable to prevent stringing

    Hey everybody, still pretty newb in the 3d printing world...I can not seem to get my settings right to avoid stringing with a certain filament. I have one role of hatchbox which was pretty easy to tune in. No stringing issues there. I bought a role of esun PLA however and no matter what I do with my settings it still gets terrible stringing (this is the filament --> . I think i've tried everything... Is there anything I'm just not seeing? I've basically toggled all settings that I know of in Cura that could reduce stringing as far down as I can and still no luck. Here's the most recent ones... I'll upload a picture of the print I did with these settings as well. I'm on an Ender 3 V2

    • retraction - 6.5

    • temperature - 185

    • speed - 35

    • coasting - .064

    • combing - not in skin

    • outer wall wipe distance - .4

    I realize combing for example won't really help on a stringing test (at least I don't think it would) but I'm getting desperate...
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    okay - lowering the temperature will generally INCREASE stringing. As the colder foilament is more inclined to stretch.
    185 is way to low to print pla.
    200 is the absolute minimum temp I'll use for pla.

    What retraction speed are you using ?

    Also, because of the colourants used, some filaments will be more prone to stringing than others.
    White almost never strings.

    You're using a bowden feed tube, so there's always a delay on retractions that will always encourage stringing.
    so the faster you can set the retraction setting, the better.
    Somewhere around 70-75mm/s would be worth trying.

    Also sometimes shorter retractions at a highe speed can give better results than slower and longer retractions.

    You might want to set up wiping, and retract during the wipe movement.

    This retracts the filament before moving the head off the print.

    Some combination of those ought to work for most filaments, but for pla get those temps up.

    had another look at your posted settings.
    you're printing at 35mm/s ?

    what travel speed are you using ?

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    Thank you for your response!

    This is interesting, everywhere I've read online says that a high temperature makes the filament more runny which can cause it to ooze out more easily. I've read that in multiple places but you're saying that it is the opposite... I will have to try this then. I started out at 200 which was also stringy, but I had done that without all the other settings in place that I have now. I'll try putting it back up to 200 though (and work up from there) with all the other settings I have now and see if that does anything. The reason my speed was 35 mm/s was because I read that if you lower the temperature you also want to lower the speed. I will probably increase this again though when testing at increased temperatures.

    Retraction speed I have been going with whatever the default is which looking now I see is 45 mm/s. I can try upping this as well.

    Travel speed has also been just the default which is 150

    Wiping was one of the last things I added with outer wall wipe distance set to .4.

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    Following up on this, I tried a few more stringing tests all the way up to 220 degrees, increased the retraction speed up to 7 (I get the retraction distance at 5) and still no improvement. The worst one was actually the last one at 220 degrees. I've done probably 15 different stringing tests to try and hone this in all with absolutely no success. What can I be doing wrong?

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    well blue colourant makes for more elastic filament.
    I have various coulour tpus and blue is hands down the floppiest.

    Well the only bowden printer I still have is the delta.

    On that i use 4.8mm retractions at 70mm/s

    I also have options ticked to:
    Avoid crossing gaps
    retract while wiping
    only retract when crossing open spaces.

    Stringing is just not something I get with pla.

    Here's the logic.

    Plastics stretch, the hotter and more liquid a plastic is, the less likely it is to string with a fast retraction.
    Cool pla will string like abastard, plus for decent layer adhesion 185 is also too cool.

    I print at Actual 150mm/s and a 0.4mm nozzle and 210c with most pla.
    For slower prints I'll drop it to 200c
    But rarely go higher or lower.

    Go too hot and you might get blobs if the plastic is too liquid.

    The other thing that you will see on youtube is people saying to use travel speeds that are much faster than the print speed.

    I tend to keep travel speeds pretty close to print speeds.
    That said I tend to print at between 100-150mm/s anyway.

    But I've found over the last 10 years that not having the print head constantly accelerating and decelerating not only gives much better looking prints with minimal blobs. But also gives the extruder time to finish the retraction before moving across gaps.

    So maybe try that.

    Alao buy a different brand pla and try that.

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