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    Fastener Orientation

    I've heard people talk about a rule of thumb that bolt heads are to be on the forward or upper side of a bolted connection, but I cannot find anything in AC43.13 about that. Also, I'm having trouble with the logic of such a rule if the builder ensures a proper torque on the joint, but I don't need to come up short on this in a tech inspection.

    And if there is such a rule, would it apply to riveted joints (mfg head fwd/up), or is it simply better to form the shop head against the thicker material of the joint?

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    The bolt head orientation is a ""nice to have"" when you have a choice. Since we are also supposed to turn the nut, not the bolt, and we have to be able to install the bolt, well, several things are trying to overrule the bolt head orientation.

    Design the joint, make the fasteners stay put, orient the bolt when it does not get in the way of other priorities.

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