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    Hardware maintenance

    It seems that my switch broke down. Can anyone recommend a good company to address?

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    What about the warranty?

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    If you don't have a warranty, I can suggest addressing a company by link. The guys really know their job and find the solutions fast. I had a great experience with them once and after that case, I always address only this service, so I can recommend it with confidence.

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    What software will the backup hardware work with? I have read that it is best to back up on separate hardware.

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    Maybe advise from whom you can order good equipment that will work steadily. As well as easy to deploy. So that you can quickly be inserted into the server rack, and start working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by begdov View Post
    Many manufacturers of such equipment choose software compatibility in different ways. You can find equipment that works with all types of software. But such equipment necessarily requires an initial setup. We are going to buy back up equipment from the company StarWind. And many of our partners recommend them.
    Their equipment is really high quality, but the prices are also decent.
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