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    What is the best way to communicate with the old and new customers?Emails seem to be not very effective. Appreciate some other ideas.

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    You can use text messaging or social media.

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    Did you hear about slack sms? I think that's the best option which exists now. It is very simple to remind your clients about yourself with this messaging system without spending too much time and efforts for that. And we all know that there is a bigger chance that your clients will read a text message than email.
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    I agree, nowadays messengers are the fastest way to communicate. But still, mail remains the main source of communication with a large number of clients. I also use snapchat tracker from this website, to control my children social media activity.
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    Hello, I am searching for the best way to communicate with the old and new customers and I am glad I have found your post where I found my question answer. While searching for it online on google search, I also found website in which I have found reviews for an essay writing service.
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