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    Why is email marketing important?

    Email marketing is the type of marketing through which sales can be generated, and customer involvement can emerge such as newsletters, spread brand awareness, and reward customer loyalty.

    Whereas in terms of existing customers and clients this email marketing is a great source to highlight awareness and communication. When new customers are on board then these emails can be utilized to attract and acknowledge them through an outreach campaign.

    There are various types of email marketing campaigns run according to the requirements are-

    • Welcome Messages Mail
    • Birthday or Anniversary Messages Mail
    • Limited Time Offers Mail
    • Abandoned Cart Emails

    Now, here comes the advantages of practicing Email Marketing

    1. Build up customer enthusiasm -

    Email marketing has been proven as effective marketing when required to generate customers' interest.

    2. Increase customer loyalty -

    In order to enhance customer loyalty, email marketing enables you to constantly keep in touch with the customers along with the visitors of the website.

    3. Better customer outreach -

    Reading emails has a higher rather than going through social media platforms. Sometimes skip using social media platforms. So, sending emails can be more convenient.

    4. Simple to handle and low in cost -

    Email marketing is low in cost and relatively simple to handle and has more proximity that users will read it. Examples like Active Campaign or Mail chimp have simplified the procedure. It has allowed massive automation and customization.

    Now, after reading this if it came to your mind to hire a professional company for email marketing. Then, you are no more far from the best organization. SAG IPL is one of the best companies known for developing tokens and providing NFT and marketing services related to these concerns. The firm has highly skilled employees who hold experience from years in this field. And the reason why they get the opportunity to serve various clients across the world. Therefore, you can contact us directly on our mentioned email i’s or contact number for a better experience for your project.

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    I agree it is important, but it is much more important to think on before you promote your business online through a company website. After all, the problem with email is that it can get thrown into spam, it can get banned and you will lose customer traffic for a period when you care. However, if you combine this type of marketing with SEO promotion you can get great results. For this, I advise you to pay more attention to service SEO promotion, which you can get in companies such as these To-The-TOP! SEO services in Calgary, Alberta With the right strategy in SEO promotion, the results you will get can amaze you.
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    Email marketing is a form of marketing that can make the customers on your email list aware of new products, discounts and other services. Currently I am a digital marketer and digital marketing is the promotion of brands through the internet and other forms of digital communication in order to connect with potential customers. I offer the best digital marketing services in Australia, and my goal is to generate high-quality leads and raise brand awareness in order to increase customer value and referral rate.
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    What's the best way to make a popup to collect email addresses for the newsletter on the site? Right now I have about 15% of my site users subscribed to my newsletter. I need to increase that percentage.

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    Since 15% of users is very low. We need to raise it to at least 30%, and ideally to 40-45%. But I understand that this figure is too big, so 30% would be enough for me. But how to do it more effectively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by begdov View Post
    You have to make an offer for the client. He should not just sign up for your mailing list on his initiative but so that the client has an incentive to do it. Here are great examples of email popups you can use at least a couple of them, and the conversion rate for collecting emails will increase several times. Because we've used the examples on this website ourselves, and we know what we're talking about here. It works with campaigns well.
    Thanks for the examples, some are really interesting.
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