I’m a new skater, just got into it 2 weeks ago and am having a great time. The culture is great, it’s super fun, and the people are nice and pretty indifferent if you don’t get in their way. I have a few questions as an amateur I hope you all can answer.If I buy a prebuilt board by a local skate shop and it’s a good brand (Chocolate, Enjoi, etc) do you recommend? It has good trucks usually by the same brand deck and rolls decent from my spin test. My local shop sells them prebuilt for $100. That’s a pretty good price compared to building your own which can be hefty.I always see people applying grip to their boards, how do I take grip off a board?I learned how to shuvit first and can’t get the muscle memory out of my head and when I try to ollie it does the shuvit motion. How can I overcome this habit?https://www.skateboarderguru.com/I want to be heavy into street skate and tricks but I heard it’s important to learn how to ride switch first. Is this true?How can I do rolling tricks? I can land stuff on the ground but when it’s rolling it’s very difficult. Any help?Thanks in advance. All answers are appreciated!