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    Spaceships or at least many of their larger components. Seriously. And moon bases.

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    What do you think we will be 3D printing in 10 years?
    Clones of ourselves, lol, it'd be cool, now seriously, probably our own food (like now but instead of a thermomix, you'd have a 3D printer).

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    I have doubts that it will ever be part of mass manufacturing. There are cheaper alternatives for large scale production, but if every home had a 3-D printer, large scale production could become obsolete. I have no major predictions except that it will be prevalent throughout society.

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    we will be 3d printing all custom implants, tissue, organs, and prosthetics. Also, all household appliances will be purchased as 3d models and printed on the family's 3d printer. This will be the same for housing. Most families will purchase blueprints for a house and have it printed. Higher class families will hire a design firm to design their houses.

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    Definitely houses. Also, I could envision manufacturers giving out models to replace missing or broken parts (like battery covers from remotes).

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    Replacement limbs. Like, seriously improved ones.

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    Human organs for transplant, scan and print capabilities, organic matter. Flexible solar cells and complex circuitry.

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    Organs and more medical applications

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    Food, water, modes of transport, homes, plantlife(?)... everything

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    Custom fitted sports equipment and clothing I believe is a huge opportunity for 3D printers in the future.

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