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    Question Extruder not working Arduino Mega 2560 Ramps 1.4

    Hello All, I have a prusa style 3D printer. You can think it as a custom made.It works with Arduino mega 2560 and Ramps 1.4. Everything was fine but suddenly extruder motor stopped working.I tried several things. I take out the extruder cable on Ramps board and replace it with X axes motor plug. Than i tried to move X axis to check if the motor is faulty or not. Extruder motor worked fine on X axis plug. I replaced motor drivers each other all of the motor drivers are working. I even replaced Ramps 1.4 with new one. Still same problem only Extruder is not functional.I am suspecting Arduino 2560 now. Does anybody faced with this problem before?Thanks in advance.Best Regards.

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    Starting out the extruder will not function if the temperature is below 170C.
    The extruder will not extrude if Hot-End is clogged.

    You can test with no filament heat the hotend to 180C using motion > Move Axis > Move Extruder you can watch the extruder wheel turn.
    You may have a broken extruder stepper motor cable.

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    Hello Roberts,

    Yeah you are rgiht my mistake. I didn't heat up the hotend. This was why the extruder motor not responding while i was trying jog control.

    Thank you for your support.

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