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    Question [UK] - Is there someone who can design/3D model an item based on a request?

    I found these super cool camera cases on etsy that are 3D printed. One for the Fuji X100V and one for the X-E4. I contacted the sellers to ask about a case for MY model of camera - a Fuji XPro 2 - however they said because they do not own that particular camera model in-person, they are not able to design and produce a case for it. Which is a shame as I would love to support them.

    Now I have gotten absolutely zero experience with 3D modelling software/3D printing, so I was wondering if anyone would be able to design/model this camera case, but adjusted to fit my particular XPro 2 model? Or give some directions on how I could go about it myself (coming from zero knowledge at all..!)? If there is any supporting stuff I can give let me know, I could 3D scan my camera using my iPhone and give as an STL or any file type if that helps? I dont know what you would need, but as I say, the Etsy shop said they couldn't make it as they don't have the camera, but would a 3D scan be any help ?

    I am not sure if it would be a little more difficult creating one for my model of camera as there are more curves and protruding parts on mine, so a simple box shape wouldn't fit right as it does with the Etsy listed models of camera, it would need to accomodate those. That's where I assume a 3D scan of the camera would come in handy? There are also some specific design requests I am after but I can discuss those later!

    Here are the original camera cases that I am looking at:

    And here are some photos of MY model of camera that I would like the case above to be adapted to:

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    So basically you want someone to do the work cheaply so you can benefit from it ?
    There are companies that will 3D print your designs, so one of those would give you the ' going ' rate for what you want.

    So why not spend some money on a printer yourself instead of expecting someone else to buy a printer and do all the work for you at a cheap rate ?

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    sounds like fun.

    drop me a pm, depending on the quality and accuracy of the camera scan from the phone, it shouldn't be overly difficult.
    Desingnign from scratch, would be very time consuming as withou the camera body to measure, it'd be a long winded process.
    And no, if you don't know what you're doing, you couldn';t measure it for me.

    As fara s lego's goes - just go look on thingiverse - huge amount of lego files :-)

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