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    SoftImage Users unite :)

    Howdy.I'm one of the holdouts still using softimage 2015. Eventually I will probably migrate to maya, as it doesn't seem like too much of a learning curve, but the yearly fee is a major turn off.I started learning 3d in 2000 with Lightwave and 3D Max. I found max a bit easier to figure out and bought a copy for a few years. Eventually I decided to move on to animation master, but found building things from point up a bit too daunting. Then, I found XSI Softimage. and hanv't looked back since 2006. easiest software ever to learn for me. and I've even completed a full animated show with it, 4 times no less . all by myself with no outside help over the course of 6 months.any other users here?

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    I decided to make an investment in a copy for the subsequent few years. In the end, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to advance to the position of animation master, but I found that building things from the ground up was a little bit too difficult. After that, I started getting more familiar with XSI Softimage, and ever since 2006, I haven't given it another thought. I have never come across software that is so straightforward to use. I've even used it to complete an entire animated show, which, when you consider how often I've done it, is not a trivial accomplishment at all.


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