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    Ittblox - SimCity Like 3D Printed Building Blocks

    SimCity is a game that has been around for 25 years. In that time it has evolved to become the most entertaining city building software out there. Ittyblox, a company that uses Shapeways for their printing has come up with designs for a SimCity-like building block set. They sell individual buildings, baseplates or even entire cityblocks. These buildings can be mixed and matched on the baseplates to create your own personalized cities, in a similar fashion to what is done in SimCity. Read more about this unique idea and product at:

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    Ittyblox, the company known for making miniature, 3D printed replicas of buildings from your favorite cities like New York, Miami, and Chicago has taken to Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign is not only as a sales venue and way to offer the new Flatiron building design at a discount to supporters and Ittyblox enthusiasts, but also as a way to raise an additional €500 to be spend on new photography equipment and resources. Read the full story for more details on these mini-cities:

    Below is a photo of the 3D printed Flatiron building:

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    Stef de Vos is the man behind a brilliant 3D printed business idea: Ittyblox. He produces miniature, 3D printed cityscapes he sells through his Shapeways shop, and they're amazingly detailed and fantastically crafted small buildings which serve to highlight the capabilities of modern 3D printing technology. He says that what began a single building offering is now a collection of many different buildings, parks, highways and streets. He now has another Kickstarter campaign to fund his creation of a miniature version of Amsterdam. You can read the whole story here:

    Below is a look at the Ittyblox version of Amsterdam:

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    I really love that sandstone color printing. I can't wait til that tech is cheap and good enough for desktop size printer's. I really think that "full color" desktop 3d printing is going to be the "turning point" in getting the attention of more people and boom the 3D printing industry.

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