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    Phoenix 3D Printer

    Hey guys, here is yet another 3D printer on Kickstarter. It's call the Phoenix 3D Printer.

    Printer Url:
    Kickstarter Project:

    A low-cost, fully loaded entry-level printer, with a heated bed, exclusive management software, print failure recovery, and more!

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    This one looks really good. Looks better than the Peachy Printer in my opinion. I love how so many of these companies are using crowdfunding to fund these projects. I may just back this one.


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    Better perhaps, but it's a complete other method - it's a bit like comparing apples with... peaches ;-)
    Also we don't know how the finished peachy product will be like.

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    Yeah, I am amazed at all the different techniques in 3D Printing. I wonder which methods will win out at the best, and cheapest. Filament where they melt plastics, or the other methods out there. Kickstarter is clearly a great way to get a printer launched from what I have seen. Great for competition, and great for lower prices for us consumers!

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    Nice to see that they have easily hit their Kickstarter goal. Seems a bit generic in that it doesn't stand out all that much from other models, but for the price, not bad all all.

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    The heated bed in something you get off Kickstarter scares me a little bit. This could be dangerous if not used properly, and lots of KS backers probably aren't exactly the most knowledgable when it comes to using 3D printers.

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    Up to $109K. Impressive to say the least! Seems to be getting a lot of buzz around the tech circles. I'm a backer, are you guys?

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    Ive also decided to back this project with the experimental dual extruder

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    Quote Originally Posted by tookys View Post
    Ive also decided to back this project with the experimental dual extruder

    500.00 for a dual extruder 3d printer with a decent (better than most) build volume.
    its a win

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    I'm interested to hear users's thoughts once they have one in their hands. I'm most likely going to the 3D printer expo in Burbank to get a look at this and a few others. I agree with satgod that the price for it's options looks very good... but this is coming from someone who hasn't touched a 3D printer yet and is just doing their homework before they join the crowd...

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