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    Nice little site you got there...

    Like many other people said, more color choices. I appreciate the filament descriptions with Pros and Cons. Many places don't do this.

    I'd invest some time and money to flesh out the site a bit more. Right now its a functional, barebones site but some branding and site development can help make your site more memorable and look more credible.

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    Some more pictures of the material in action, and a more colorful website.

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    You should make website more attractive and get a logo.

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    Very generic site, looks like it is right from a Wordpress template and took about five minutes to make. More interaction, rather than generic search. More of a stepped process where you guide the customer to the product instead of just throwing it out there.

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    Get a better website!

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    You need a variety of colors, materials, features, etc

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    Able to buy filament by length in addition to by weight - pla weight can change with moisture

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    Need a lot more variety, and a website redesign. The website doesn't flow well.

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    get rid of the watermark in front of all of your filament pictures! it looks very unprofessional. Also the menus and title looks quite old and in need of a touchup. Basically it looks like a shady back-alley filament dealer and I would not trust the quality of your products as a result.

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    More color, and materiel selection and new website colors it alitlle hard to read.

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