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    High-quality music without copyright

    Where can I find free music for small commercials? We make ready-made brand animations for our customers. And we select music, but recently, our client said that there is no money to buy music. Therefore, we urgently need to find free music.

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    Have you tried searching on forums that specialize in music. Where a lot of musicians are. I think someone would have told you where to find such music or would have taken it upon himself to write it for you.

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    I have visited similar forums, many call the price at $ 200. Beginners are ready to do it for free, for a review, but they will write music for more than 2-3 weeks. We are not satisfied with such a period of writing music.

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    How did you not foresee such a case before? After all, different clients come with different budgets. A large selection of high-quality free music can be found in inaudio There is a huge selection for different categories.
    You can choose both electronic music and calm lyrical. In general, everything you need for different clients. A good friend of mine takes music from this service for all his projects and advertisements and does not force his clients to buy music tracks.

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    Hello everyone, who can share ideas for promoting music online?

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    Hello, when it comes to promoting their creativity often musicians are not so creative. As a rule, all that comes to their mind is to organize a concert and sell their CDs there. It's not bad, but it could be much better. At present, you can contact the Music promotion agency, which will provide you with a wide range of services and ideas.

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    I am fond of music. If you can sing the tune of a favorite song, you've experienced melody. Melody is the series of coordinated pitches that form the main line of a tune. Think about it as the primary voice in a musical work.

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    I also often can't find free music without copyright for different videos, but this inspired me to create my own music. But it was difficult to gain an audience. and then a friend told me that I can buy spotify listeners here. I tried it and now people have started actively subscribing to me and listening to my tracks. maybe you'll need it. Have a nice day!

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