Had a bunch of requests for various bits and pieces from my CoreXY, so I have compiled all my mods, upgrades, designs, etc into one big step file, and made it available here: https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints...dZW33u904JrAEs

It also includes a bunch of jigs used for mounting MGN 9H rails, cutting carbon fibre tubes, etc.

I have also included my firmware - Marlin, with sensorless, UBL, SuperPinda, linear advance, auto Z-align, and all the other goodies. (Do not just chuck that firmware on a random machine. It will probably break it). Printer is setup to home to the back left. It assumes the bed will fall when unpowered and sets Z to 427mm on startup.

I haven't included a BOM, wiring diagram, or other build instructions. I don't think my designs are likely to supplant VZ Bot and the EVA, so I'm not expecting much takeup. It's very much a DIY and figure it out yourself sort of project.