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    Choosing 1st printer

    I am new in 3D printing, but some decades ... old in engineering (designing mechanics, electronics and software). My prime scope is to print components for prototyping (and usually they are needed fast) or working parts for my designs. So before choosing a printer I have spent 100s of hours in watching youtube and reading reviews. The resume of all this "study", was that I need at least printing capability of PETG and probably PC, ABS (ASA), Nylon. So my decision was to choose a "ready to print" medium size (300 mm3) mid-priced printer that can print at least PETG and then design (or modify a DIY known type as RatRig or Voron) one for bigger parts (500 mm3) and various filaments. And while designing the big one, I could use the small a part of my needs as also for printing the parts for the big one.My choice is Creality CR-10 V2 at 390 €, upgraded with BL-Touch, PEI flexible bed, Micro Swiss hotend / direct extruder combo, and probably some other minor mods, like polycarbonate wheels, z axis "connection" belt etc. Total cost with rise to ~600 €.So my questions to the members having experience in printing are these: 1) Is that an decent solution for my needs and that price? Do you have any other suggestions on printer or upgrades? 2) Does Micro Swiss extruder / all metal hotend will print PETG without problems? 3) Can I print PC or ASA with this printer setup? Or for these filaments I will need a Bondtech DDX extruder or / and a better hotend like Coperhead, Dragon or Mosquito?Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    why don't you just buy a quality machine that will work correctly out of the box and allow you to learn all the things you need to learn about designing components that will be 3d printed and actually printing them, before you redesign a franken junker. Drop that $2+K and get a solid well designed machine that does everything you need out of the box but is not as large as you "Think" you need.. Just my 2 cents worth after seeing sooo many people fighting with inferior hardware rather than designing and fabricating parts. Look at Prosumer products and stay away from Creality crap. I am sure you will ignore me, but later on when you are still not getting what you want and you are frustrated, remember I warned you...

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    I'm with airscapes.
    Add up all the money you'd spend on 'upgrades' then add that to your budget and buy something that doesn't need to be rebuilt to work properly.

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    As new in 3D printing i will suggest you to use these MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer and Ultimaker S3 3D Printer. They both will give best performance. Chcek here for more infor about them.Personally i use the Ultimaker S3 for architect.
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