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    3D Metal Printer Project - Electron beam melting

    Hello! My name is Agustin. I'm from Chile.I'm making a 3D Metal Printer using electron beam melting. Is a very expensive project, and I have worked many years on it. The goal is make 3D Metal Printing more affordable to general public.Now I'm opening the project to the community inside a crowdfunding model. I'm going to share the design, tests, updates, so I can receive some support and continue working 100% in this project.Recently I made a Patreon page for this purpose: I'm wondering if you can take a look to this project. Many thanks for your help!
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    Sadly, no response since January. It's sad because I'm also interested in a metal printer, but as a user, not a builder, and with very high accuracy. About 0.01mm.

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