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    How to not print annoying "base"?

    Hi everyone.First day ever with a 3d printer. Bought a Flashforge Adventurer 3 for the ease of use.Can anyone tell me how to print, without the annoying "base" (se image).I am not sure what it is called and how to deactivate or activate it.
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    What slicer are you using? The "base" can be either a raft (some thickness) or a brim or skirt.

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    I am not sure I understand all the words you are using. I am have downloaded a STL-file from the web and opened it in Flashprint 5. I then export it or something to a file which I use on the printer.

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    This link may be helpful. The slicer is Flashprint, a program which converts your imported STL file and creates the print file based on the settings you use (or the default settings).

    You can ignore the "big print" aspect of this link. The brim settings are shown in the page about halfway down.

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    I think it is the setting I was looking for. Thanks.

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    glad to help.

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    you can do that with a large brim that is not seperated from the model base or with a raft.
    A seperated brim of 2 or three lines is a good idea as it primes the print nozzle and ensures the actual model base has no missing lines.

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    Where did you download the nozzle

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