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    Unhappy Newish to 3d modelling and I am pulling my hair out, please help

    Hey guys, Can someone be so kind and help/point me in the right direction. I have an FDM and resin printer (of which printed my first using FDM but I want to try printing this one in resin as it will be more a display piece , first one I purchased pre made now I want to do another shell but isn't available on any of the sites as an R/C shell. The shell in question is for a tesla model 3, I have managed to track down a 3d model but what I am looking for is the shell with window, front and rear light inserts bonnet removed as I want to print these in clear resin and add modifications.I have tried meshmixer, blender, windows 3d tool, watched hours of Youtube videos (nothing as specific to what I am looking for), to try and hollow this model and trim out the other parts, no matter what I try I cannot get the desired output. meshmixer wont let me cut through inner side of shell, blenders solidify just refuses to work for me and windows 3d builder does it but makes a mess internally and doesn't leave a smooth-ish finishI mean my theory is I previously purchased an STL pre made so surely there is a way to do this, but I am at a loss. I have added some files to show the mess I've made so far. Also just t If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. thanks
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    Here is also the STL file is someone wants to have a look at what I am working with
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    I popped your model into both Meshmixer and into Lychee Slicer, both of which have hollowing features. The results from both were nearly the same, an inner shell of 2.5 mm (arbitrary choice) with an interior that has a minecraft flavor to it. I lack the skills to smooth out the zagged inside as well as those necessary to perform the window cuts. Consider to visit Reddit for 3d modelers with the requisite skill. Expect to be asked how much you're willing to pay, however.

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    I mean the fuirst image looks fine to me.

    Do you not have files or sanding tools where you live ?

    Print the first image and then spend about 20 minutes cleaning it up. Job done.

    If you work the resin prints before final curing, they are really easy to cut and smooth.

    I realise you just want to print and use.
    But the reality is that a lot of the time, it's just faster and simpler to do a little filing and sanding :-)

    Also if you bought the stl file.
    get back to the person who sold it to you and complain.
    Like everything else these days, they'll probably sell you their soul rather than have any negative feedback.

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    loaded the stl into simplify 3d, sliced with 0% infill.
    perfect hollow shell.

    so that aspect you can leave to the slicer.

    And as the shell will print cleaner with the windows in, I'd do that and then use a rotary tool (dremel type thing) to cut the winodws out manually.

    Sometimes you just get stl files that do not work with any editing software.

    have you tried using the 'drainage hole tool' in the resin slicer to partially remove the windows and floor ?
    If nothing else it makes it easier to file into the right shape.

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    I couldn't let this one go, especially since curious aardvark, our fearless leader provided me with a few brain nudges, probably without realizing it. Even worse, I can't recall what the nudges were, but they appear to have been useful.

    I used Meshmixer to separate shells, which resulted in a few artifacts, two wiper components per wiper, an inner and outer shell. The inner shell, artifacts and wiper parts were easily trashed. The remaining wiper parts were laboriously hand-selected, deleted and the model repaired within Windows 10 3DBuilder.

    Once a confirmed manifold shell was accomplished, it was loaded into Lychee Slicer Pro 3.62 and hollowed, then exported.

    As can be seen in the image attached, the walls of the Tesla are now far more uniform. The image is merely a plane cut not executed, to easily show the interior of the model. I believe the wall thickness is 2.5 mm which should provide for some scaling in the downward direction without destroying too many features. If an adjustment is needed to this thickness, it is easily accomplished.

    The attached files are of this specific model. I also have one model in which the entire vehicle is a single solid mass. If requested, I will post that.

    Please advise if this is helpful and if any other actions should be taken to make the model more effective for the intended purpose. Note that the windscreen wipers have been removed in the interests of convenience.
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