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    Did you buy a 3D scanner for 3D printer

    Hello, all 3D printing enthusiast! I want to buy a 3D scanner for 3D printer. My printer is Anycubic Mono X. If I use the 3D scanner to scan my head?Can I print my head by Anycubic Mono X?

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    the printing part is easy, the scans the tricky part :-)

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    Yes, you can scan & for that, definitely you'll need a 3d scanner for your 3d printer because-
    • It'll be much easy for the program to get the figures for printing.
    • Without 3d scanner, you have to create all the 3d figures from scratch using any 3d model designing program.
    • To design your custom 3d figure over any software, you'll need at least basic 3d designing skill which is much more complex than it sounds. (Trust me, I've been there!)

    So for the best you can go with any 3d design scanner to easily scan your head & print it.
    For more in detail reference, check this page out.
    Hope this clears your doubt. Have a nice day!

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    I'm also looking for a place to buy this printer, it's hard to find a place with a reasonable price.soundcloud to mp3

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