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    Changing the format of a file from f3z to STL

    Hi Guys, I have a .f3z Fusion CAD file which parts for a 3D printer that I want to change to STL files. I have tried some online converters but they all fail. Does anyone know the easiest way of doing this ? I have a demo of Fusion for 30 days but can't seem to get that to export the parts.Any help appreciated Thank you TK

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    If you can post the file or send it in a direct message, I can take a look at it. I've not seen the .F3Z format previously, but that's not saying much. If it opens in Fusion 360, it should be exportable.

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    Thanks Fred,

    I've DM'd you


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    That's a curious file. I also was unable to process the file in a productive manner. A bit of research shows that the F3Z format is a Fusion 360 archive file that references other files, but does not include those files. Even the sparkfun source does not list the component files from which the archive references. This is a dead-end with that particular archive, I'm sorry to say.

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    No worries, Thanks for trying, that probably explains why the auto conversion software failed. I'll write to Sparkfun and see if they will allow me to have it, otherwise i'll call it a day. Shame Cheers anyway!:-)

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    As an aside,

    Does this forum deliberately get rid of <CR>'s ?

    some of my posts get swashed up onto one long line ?!?!


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    Everything appears normal on my end.

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    OK - Cheers

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    The formatting would seem to depend on a number of factors.

    The forum software is fairly old and doesn't like some of the modern browser programs.

    On my phone I have to use 'mobile view' to read or post a on a thread. But I have to switch from that to standard view to remove any spam or see any of the 'mod' options.
    But I can't post in standard view mode as it just inserts about 100 carriage retuns into any text.

    So, yeah depending on what software platform and browser you are using - it will remove carriage returns.

    Firefox on windows works fine.
    So I would always recommend firefox if you can use it. Think there's a mac version as well.
    Although it doesn't, make any difference on android 10.

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    @curious aardvark, as a moderator, do you respond to flagged/reported posts that are clearly spam? I've sent a few off that seem to be single post new users with posting material unrelated to the topic and always with a link to "somewhere" that I won't click anyway.

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