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    As a hobbyist, I'm not in this for the money. I very much appreciate advice from someone more knowledgeable than I. I've found that postage within the US is already jacked up and I can't imagine what it would be to send something to the Empire.
    To that end, the modified files are attached, the filled in tower, the dish (unmodified, but needing some work) and the sliced ship to take the tower module. The OP will be in contact soon, I believe.
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    cheers mate :-)

    Everytime I slice the dish off - the whole model goes to crap.
    So hopefully that'll save me some hassle :-)

    The ship looks like it'll need some supports, but not as many as you might expect.

    Gonna do a small one to test the water :-)

    Awesome job on the tower, looks great.
    What did you do that with ?

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    I created a $fn=4 cylinder with d1, d2 and eyeballed the entire set of dimensions and translates until it fit inside the existing tower. I prefer parametric modeling in OpenSCAD, but I knew this was a one-off and TLAR was going to be fine.

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    Thanks Christopher, but things have moved on a bit since...

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    @SonofRojBlake, It's good to see your progress on this project. I suspect that unless the overall atmosphere of the posts from Christopher changes appreciably, he's just building up a post count that may turn into spam. At the moment, it's just under the radar for blatant spam.

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    I did ban that user, I've just looked at whose online and I see a guest who is banned looking at this thread.
    I searched the IP address and came up with....

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