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    Question Creator Pro/Micro Swiss Extruder & All Metal Hotend - Issues

    Recently I upgraded my extruder setup on my Flash Forge Creator Pro 2016. I went with one of the Micro Swiss dual extruder setups. As well as one of their all Metal Hotends (Heatbreak/Throat and nozzles). Upon installing them I've had severe issues leveling my bed, cuz the nozzles sit too low now. If I push the heatbreak further up into the cold block, well then I cant mount the extruder motors themselves anymore cuz it pushes them up out of the way of the mounting holes. I included a pic to help illustrate said dilemma.


    If I adjust the throats so I that I am able to mount the motors and get everything back together, then the nozzles basically sit right on the damn plate no matter how I adjust the plate springs. So basically I don't know what I should do. Admit defeat and put everything back to stock, or hopefully find an answer on here that will save me *fingers crossed*

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    I am dealing with the exact same problem as well as trying to understand how to "level" the nozzles so either one will print right.

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    you can use a spacer like this: it will offset the thickness by triggering the Z axis limit switch early. The models include 2 to 6 mm spacers, or you can resize the Z axis thickness to any size you want.Hope it helps.
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    It seems like you are facing issues with bed leveling after upgrading your extruder setup on your Flash Forge Creator Pro 2016 with a Micro Swiss dual extruder and an all-metal hotend. It appears that the nozzles are sitting too low, and adjusting the throats results in the nozzles sitting on the plate, making it impossible to level the bed properly.

    One solution could be to try adjusting the height of the bed itself. You may need to lower the bed to accommodate the new extruder setup. This can be done by adjusting the Z endstop or the leveling screws under the bed.

    Another solution could be to use a thinner build surface, such as a sheet of glass or a thinner buildtak sheet, to compensate for the lower position of the nozzles. This should allow you to level the bed properly.

    If neither of these solutions work, you may need to re-evaluate your extruder setup and consider using a different hotend or extruder that will allow for proper bed leveling.

    In any case, it's important to take your time and carefully adjust your printer to ensure that everything is working correctly before starting any prints. Good luck!

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