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    Flashforge Adventurer 3?

    Hi everyone,Newbie here...looking to invest into a first 3D printer and am considering the Flashforge Adventurer 3 - I want a printer that's enclosed such as this model. Someone mentioned that I will need to use their own slicer program and can't use external ones such as Cura - is this true? Also, there's version 1 and version 2 of this particular model I noticed - for version 2 is it a flexible and heated pad? I'm seeing mixed specifications, so it's confusing.I'm open to suggestion on a good beginner 3D printer that's enclosed - not too cheap though.Thank you

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    It can be quite hard to use Cura (Not impossible, but there's a lot of work involved). The firmware on the A3 is very touchy about things like decimal places, so there's sometimes a need to tweak the gcode from Cura. The FlashForge slicer it comes with isn't bad though.
    The A3 was originally a horrible machine, but it underwent a few revisions and is now I think quite decent. I haven't had one for a while though. Not too much else in that price range that's enclosed.

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    Thank you so so much. This answer was very very useful to me.

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