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Thread: new hobby

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    new hobby

    What cool hobby do u start to have recently? mine sport

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    Drone and it’s my first experience of use such thing. Drones have gained their popularity precisely because of their affordability price. Every technology starts really expensive, hard to use, unattainable for most people and then in a relatively short period of time it becomes very cheap and easy to use. I found my drone here

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    wow, drones sounds cool. I want to buy new one too

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    Good thread here. Thanks for posting it. My hobby is actually gambling and since my childhood I been playing games. I am going to Las Vegas next month and I want to try a kid casino las vegas from this list. Have anyone been there, what can you recommend?

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    I love reading horoscopes and making predictions, I usually use since they provide the most accurate ones.

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    I have two hobbies one is playing sports and the second hobby that is my hobby is taking care of my pet. My uncle gifted me a cat because I love pet animals. I bought cat clothes and cat food and some grooming products for my cat to make my cat healthy and pretty.

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    I am very fond of active sports, but the last discovery is a swamp football, there are enough emotions from the game for a whole week. Who did not play try.

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    Assembling Lego models

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    I`m drawing Disney princessess

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