Preparing the eye of the first unit: I control my computer, a third intermediate computer, a first half, for all the teachers of the Kingdom.

Preparation of the eye of the first unit: I control my computer, a third medium computer, and we also offer you an eye preparation for all the lessons of the curriculum. As for the preparation of the ministry, it includes the following:

behavioral goals
Content and lesson presentation
the duty
The lesson preparation includes the following behavioral objectives:

To explain to the student the importance of programming
To show the student the concept of programming and software
The content and presentation of the lesson include:

The importance of programming: A computer without programs is absolutely useless, as it does not have the ability to judge or take appropriate decisions on its own, but rather implements the commands and instructions contained in the programs.....
Among the general objectives of the computer course for the intermediate stage are the following:
Obtaining knowledge and scientific facts in the field of computer and information technology related to the life of the Saudi student and the needs of its society.
Training students and developing their scientific abilities to benefit from the computer in:
Increase the productivity of the individual
Using the computer as an educational tool
Using the computer as a means of research, investigation and obtaining knowledge
Using various computer applications effectively and successfully in the student's family and social environment
Providing the student with creative mental abilities, helping them to think logically, inductive and deductive, and developing their abilities to solve problems
Preparing the student to practice the appropriate functional tasks in the field of computers
Strengthening the factor of desire towards computers and its applications, and gaining positive tendencies aimed at information technology
Deepening awareness and belief in the hearts of students in the ability of God Almighty, who guided man to discover the computer