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    3D Printing In Energy

    Hello all,Is 3D printing being used in energy sector? I got to read an article in Energy Tech Review that oil and gas industry is increasing the uptake of 3D printing. It can be used to engage in multiple cycle designs and and test design concepts. It also reduces warehouse stocks through on-demand printing. I didn't have any idea about these. It was interesting to get to know new information. Do you guys know any other such uses of 3D printing in any other areas?

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    It seems to me that this could make a big difference because 3D printing brings with it great opportunities even for electricity.

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    It's quite an interesting article. I think it might make a difference, as it was never even dreamt of before. The 3D printer can also be used for electricity now, for example, to create portable generators when camping or during electricity problems in the metropolis. I know of several such generators that I saw at I think you might be interested in this as well.
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