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    AnyCubic i3 Mega S - Bed Levelling Issue

    Hi ... I guess this is one of the most asked questions in the help forum ... bed leveling... it's driving me mad...I have just cleaned the printer and replaced the PLA with a new AnyCubic white 1K spool. I have successfully used AnyCubic PLA previously with only minor tuning. However, I am having a nightmare with this reel. The main issue is that the PLA will not adhere to the bed (set to 60C and the extruder is set to 200C).The attached image is my best attempt thus far. What do you guys think? I think the bed is still a bit low. All attempts thus far (higher or lower) end up with the PLA melted around the nozzle as nothing seems to stick to the bed. I have an AnyCubic i3 Mega S, with a glass bed. Today I learned to write my own G-Code script to move to the four corners of the bed so that I can apply the magic 'bit of paper' technique (basically, zero the machine. Not move the Z axis and move the X & Y to each corner. I then cleaned the bed with Isopropanol and printed the typical 'calibration squares'. - However, I just cannot get this new spool to print... Any help will be gratefully received...Harold
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    [Solved] I just persevered with levelling the machine. I guess my issue was not so much "try, try again" as much as if I "try, try again" will it be in vain...

    I know I did not get any replies, but for anyone in the same boat as me, my advice is to keep going and try and get "something to stick" and build on each little win at a time... I wish you luck as it can be very frustrating ....


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