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    Question 50% Fail/Trouble shooting


    I'm running an Anycubic Photon Mono with Anycubic 405nm Translucent green Resin
    Build Plate has been leveled several times since problems began

    I've been using this Printer/Resin/Settings for about 4 months now with little to no issues at all. this recent file however is causing me some problems, i'm getting about 50% fail printing these skulls

    -build plate is leveled
    -room temp= Normal
    -Exposure/machine settings as follows

    I get about 50% success, and 50% failure on the presupported files.
    I've tried printing at %115 scale and that seemed to help a little bit, but not much.
    I've also dropped the normal exposure to 1.75s aswell as raised it to 2.25s neither of which seemed to change anything.

    If I've left any information out let me know--First post.

    Thanks for any suggestions or help.

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    pictures of the failures please.
    I'm not paying £3 for something i don't want, just to look at the stls.
    He does say this is the first release of the models. So it's most likely an issue with the file.

    'basing skull pack'
    basing ????

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    Picture of fail was in the first post. half of them didnt print past the first contact at a support, mostly the ones on the outside.Okay thanks.
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