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    Tronxy xy2 pro cant get the print to stick

    I have 3 other fdm printers one being the same base printer. This one has a hero me gen 5/orbiter direct drive set up. The thing im having issues is the print sticks for a few layers then comes off... it has the bed from my other printer that I know works but it still doesnt work for a full print. I had to upgrade the firmware to marlin to fix the extruder steps/mm and have tuned everything and made sure the bed was very level.

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    what are you printing with ?
    speeds, temps etc.

    It could simply be you need to adjust the z-axis offset to get the nozzle closer to the bed.
    or print slower, or hotter etc.

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    im printing with PLA and my temp is 210, bed is 60. I have a pei sheet that is a known working bed from my other printer, I have adjusted the offset slowly and even when it is closer than ideal it doenst stay stuck. I had success printing much slower but it wasnt consistent success. I use a 14 perimeter brim as well

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