Hi everyone.
I have a 2018 QIDI tech 1. It's great. It's been a lot of fun. I bought it used with 6 hours on it for 300 dollars. It came with the original orange PLA and white ABS.
My unit must be newer because I had cable coverings and the 10mm Z axis rods.
I was doing a Google search for upgrades and I found a 300 some odd page post here, so I joined.
My only complaint is the Z axis is limiting the height of my prints. I'd like to see 12 inches (TWSS) in Z.

So now I'm shopping around for another printer to add to my arsenal.
I am a low level hobbyist. I haven't even been printing a year. I haven't explored my options that much, which is why I have come to the professionals for their opinions. There were a lot of people in the QIDI Tech thread who bought one printer, sold it, bought another, sold it, bought another, etc...
I want to learn from the mistakes and the journey of growth that others have.
A friend has an ANET8 and it looks flimsy and rickety. I am not impressed.
I like the PRUSA i3 and the Ender 3.
I'm hoping someone could give me some advice so I only have to make a purchase once.