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    thuê h??ng d?n viên du l?ch

    Nowadays more and more tourists come to tourist attractions. The need for accommodation, rest, and direction is very important. Many guests said that saving on HDV costs reduces the cost of going out. That makes perfect sense, but it makes us blind to information about destinations, entertainment, cultural history…destination places. In fact, the cost to rent a tour guide, it only accounts for 5% of the cost of accommodation, travel, airfare... thuê h??ng d?n viên du l?ch thuê h??ng d?n viên So why don't we choose a real hdv for ourselves? and be a reliable friend for you With the desire to provide guides for groups of tourists traveling on their own, traveling in groups, traveling with families, self-organizing travel agencies do not want to go through the application form. Organizers or travel agencies need guides to collaborate during the tour season.
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    h??ng d?n viên chuyên nghi?p

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    Du l?ch n?i ??a d?n h?i sinh, vi?c b?t ??u m? c??*a ?ón khách qu?c t? ??n Vi?t Nam t? các t?nh, th?*nh ph? nh? Qu?ng Nam, Phú Qu?c, (Kiên Giang), Khánh Hòa… l?* nh?ng tin vui c?a ng?*nh du l?ch trong nh?ng tháng cu?i n?m sau th?i gian d?ch b?nh gây ?nh h??ng n?ng n? ??n ng?*nh du l?ch.

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    du l?ch phát tri?n m?nh v?* t?t

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    ??i d?ch COVID-19 ?ã l?*m thay ??i thói quen s?ng, sinh ho?t c?ng nh? nhu c?u c?a con ng??i, nh?ng xu h??ng du l?ch sau ??i d?ch có th? ???c d? ?oán nh? xu h??ng du l?ch ??n nh?ng n?i an to?*n tránh d?ch b?nh; Xu h??ng ?ng d?ng công ngh? nh?m qu?n lý ??m b?o an to?*n, c?ng nh? các d?ch v? h?n ch? ti?p xúc; Xu h??ng du l?ch theo nh?ng nhóm nh?; Xu h??ng du l?ch ng?n ng?*y v?* ??t d?ch v? c??*n ng?*y; Xu h??ng l?a ch?n các ho?t ??ng ngh? d??ng, g?n g?i v?i thiên nhiên, th??ng th?c v?n hóa ?m th?c.

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    Trong b?i c?nh hi?n nay, truy?n thông ?? du khách yên tâm ?i du l?ch, không quên du l?ch Vi?t c?ng l?* v?n ?? ?áng l?u tâm. Hi?n nay, T?ng c?c Du l?ch ?ang ??y m?nh hai ch??ng trình xúc ti?n, qu?ng bá cho du khách qu?c t? (v?i tên g?i “Live fully in Vietnam”-S?ng tr?n v?n t?i Vi?t Nam) v?* n?i ??a (mang tên "Vi?t Nam: ?i ?? yêu!"). C? hai chi?n d?ch ??u quan tr?ng, nh?ng ?? th?*nh công c?n nh?ng cách l?*m m?i, sáng t?o.

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