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Thread: Prusa XL

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    I think, given that there is almost no chance that the XL bed would be cheaper than a basic slab of aluminium with an AC heatpad slapped on it, that the question that would need to be asked is "cheaper than what exactly". From the context it's pretty likely Joseph was talking about cheaper than building a large PCB bed with the features they were after, which would make sense. It's very unlikely that he was talking about the commonplace Alu bed and silicone heater.

    I find it interesting that you're prepared to take what Joseph says in the video as truth (even though it's lacking in context), but not what is written on the Prusa website. Their toolchanger is internally developed, and uses a different mechanism to E3Ds (as can be seen in the video).

    Prusa already do in-house injection moulding. They use if for parts that don't make sense to print and to use up waste filament. They don't use it for most parts for the reasons I stated before.

    Why would Prusa's electronics be hard to copy? You seem to be assuming they aren't going to be open source and posted up on github. Any reason for that assumption?
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