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    Sports betting tips

    Hi. I'm a student and decided to make some money. My friends advised me to try sports betting because I play football as a forward. What tips for beginner betting can you give?

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    Good day sir. For the first of all u need to find good bookmaker company i think. For exsample . One of the most popular servises in world i think or smht like that. Then read all rulles of dep/withdrawal/bonuses and other stuff. And then u can start to put some coins on ur fav team and tru te be expert or luck in the moment

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    Thank you very much, but I'm absolutely not interested in cricket. I asked about football. Can you advise on more websites?

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    I think your knowledge of football will help you a lot. Although you have to study a lot of information before placing your bets. Believe me, it's not that difficult, but you will be sure that you won't lose your money. I advise you to place your first bets here Trust me, this is a very good bookmaker with a good rating and reviews.

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    In order to get in touch with professional solutions and various ideas to play sport games, I used where is possible to bet on sport rather effective. It is a really interesting option for checking information, different modern news and solutions concerning last updates.

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    Yes, this is the best way for students to earn money.

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    I do not always manage to make a bet in the office or near the laptop, but my friend suggested the best cricket betting apps for android !!!! Now I can at any time and anywhere, of course, where there is internet, make a bet even if not at home.It is very convenient and practical! I recommend you and download it!!! Good luck and big winnings)

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    Just check out this site and u can finde here all tips what u need and more fore shure

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