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    Question Does resin opacity vary?

    Hi,I'm very new to resin based printing and I'm trying to recreate some key caps for a piece of test equipment that I'm repairing (photo attached, my ones on the left, originals on the right.)I'm using the Monocure CMYK pigments to get the colours right and I'm getting close, however the printed parts are not really opaque enough, so I'm not convinced I'm going to get much better than I currently have. The lack of opacity gives a different appearance, and it also means the legend (at least black on light) bleeds and makes it look smudged.I've used Elegoo Rapid white resin as the base, and with the darker one I also used some black to save using too much pigment. I have also ordered some Monocure white resin to see if there's any difference.So my question is really ... is there any difference in opacity between different resins and is there one I could go for that would be more opaque? Or, am I right in assuming they are like this because the UV light needs to penetrate in order to cure it??Many thanks,Lee.
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    well yes.
    different companies will use different pigments and amounts of pigments. So opacity will definitely vary.

    As far as which one is best for you.
    Not a clue.
    A dedicated resin user group on facebook might be a better place to ask as you'll a lot kore people with a lot more experience of different resin types.

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    The transparency of transparent resin is not 100% water clear but is somewhere between translucent and water clear. The tinge of transparent resin models may vary slightly. The greater the thickness of the model, the more noticeable the bluish tinge becomes.

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