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Thread: apps for office

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    apps for office

    Hi! Guys, what office applications can you suggest to use.

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    You can use many apps and an apple store or playlist

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    I have a little advice, if you work with paper documents, you can check the fax app for iphone. You can send any document in PDF format and share it with your colleagues and friends. Very transmit. I have been using fax app for 1 month at work.

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    Mobile app development is one of the latest trends for some organizations. With the rise of many diverse application development organizations, the best portable application engineers on the planet are elusive. But I was lucky when I decided that my business needed an application, I found Bladeware. I relied on the reviews I found about this company and they were almost all positive.

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    I think enough has already been answered from above

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    Anybody uses Slack? I need to accept working calls and messages, but don't want to use my personal phone. Is Slack good for that purpose?

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