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    Why upper layers fail

    Hello I have been unsuccessful at printing the lid to a BB8 trinket holder from . I have been working from a brand new unopened roll of O'ture PLA orange. The base printed up perfect with diff color PLA. THE INITIAL layer and next couple of layers print nice and smooth. The temp range for O'ture is 190-220. I have tried to print at 205,200,195,185,and 180. ALL START OUT GREAT, EXCELLENT 1ST AND 2ND LAYER ADHESION. The very after the 5th or 6th layer all goes to sh.. I have a 6mm retract, 5 lines brim , enabled iron. Hmm right now tring at 215 temp. if this one fails I'll turn off irontemp tower got best results at 200/205retract tower best results at 4/5mm AND I have restarted with original STL file a number of times
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