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    resin printing with brass powder added to UV-Curing Resin

    i'm in search of the best way to produce 3d printed parts that look and feel like real brass casting. i've experimented with adding brass powder to epoxy resin and the results are great. so i can do what i need using a my Ender 3, polysmooth PLA with IPA smoothing, and silicon rubber molds. but its a complicated, process which is a problem since my design has well over 100 parts and i want to produce 1 or 2 units a week. i just started looking into resin printing and it looks intriguing. if i could get a brass look directly from a 3D printer, that would be amazing. but i don't know if anyone has tried and what would be the results? the final parts need to look like real brass and be strong enough to work as gears and other mechanical parts. any thoughts before i splurge another few hundred bucks on a resin printer?
    a quick google seems to indicate it probably doesn't work

    and on a side note what is with the forum software removing all my paragraphs?
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    it's probably the webbrowser or operating system you are using.

    I've given up trying to access the forum from anything but a windows device.
    My phone - regardless of browser, just doesn;t work and the ipad is the same.

    filaments that look like brass.

    print white completely solid, smooth and spray with this:

    Or try this stuff:
    It's about as close to a shiny brass colour as you're likely to get.

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