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    How do taxes affect your business?

    How do taxes affect your business? I am self-employed, but paying taxes is killing me. At the moment because of the situation in the country it turns out that all I do is pay taxes, but I do not earn anything.

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    For new employers, whether it is a newly established Singapore subsidiary of a foreign company or a local startup. For all, there is one levy that obliges everyone to pay for all full-time and part-time employees. The sdl skill development levy under the Tax Act is levied on all employers both private and public.
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    If you are working as a self-employed, then why you cannot pay taxes.

    If your income will in 10 Lac per year, then I suggest paying the taxes
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    Taxes are bullshit, invented only to remove competition at the entry level. It is created by law and should be punished for breaking the law, but how many companies in your country are sheltering from paying taxes

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