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    How do taxes affect your business?

    How do taxes affect your business? I am self-employed, but paying taxes is killing me. At the moment because of the situation in the country it turns out that all I do is pay taxes, but I do not earn anything.

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    If you are working as a self-employed, then why you cannot pay taxes.

    If your income will in 10 Lac per year, then I suggest paying the taxes
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    Taxes are bullshit, invented only to remove competition at the entry level. It is created by law and should be punished for breaking the law, but how many companies in your country are sheltering from paying taxes

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    I think that in this situation it is better to open a business abroad. I know how hard it can be, so in this situation I decided that will be a great solution to open bank account in hong kong. It is a new level for business, because you can get new clients abroad, to find the best solution for business and to be sure about how your business goes.

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    I've never paid taxes before, although I worked as self-employed. As a result, it became unprofitable for me. I have a car, so I could find a job related to delivery, for example. Any ideas?

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    How about being a taxi driver? I'm not sure if this is really a good option, but I have an acquaintance who makes quite a lot of money working as a taxi driver. By the way, he found a job here, this is a reliable service with vacancies, so you can search on this resource for what suits you. Consider different job openings just in case.

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    I started a pharma business half a year ago, and it's been very challenging ever since then. In terms of paying taxes, I'm sure the big companies don't struggle as much as we do, the tiny ones. But I'm 100% certain that a bright future is awaiting us, and we gotta move forward. By the way, we're looking for a lawyer who could guide and assist us in negotiating customer and distributor supply agreements. So far, we've only found this company They seem reliable, but I'd be grateful if you guys could share some others. Thanks.
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