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    Resin funnel tip/idea

    I got fed up of trying prop up the paper filter when try to re-bottle excess resin. I googled around and saw that many people had printed funnel solutions. One of the designs I saw looked familiar ... dishwasher salt funnel! I'm guessing most homes have a dishwasher. I do. All I had to do was print little adaptor to go between the funnel and the bottle neck.So before you go and buy, or print, a funnel, check out your dishwasher funnel. it might just do the trick. See pics. STL for adaptor attached too.
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    or if you don't have a dishwasher (we got rid of ours years ago, much simpler and faster to just wash things up the once. rather than wash and then p0ut in dishwasher :-) - just print the whole thing.
    pretty simple design.

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    Yes. I think my tip is almost certainly more handy for those in possession of a dishwasher. I most definitely wouldn't advocate buying a dishwasher just to obtain a wide-spout funnel. That would be folly.

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