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    What 3d printer is this?

    I bought a used 3d printer from Facebook marketplace but I have no idea how to get it working or should I buy a step up transformer to turn it on.

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    There are no brand or symbols. nothing ;( . I know nothing about 3d printers

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    IDK but it looks to have some potential. You will want to find a second Z motor, mount, coupler, leadscrew and end for the gantry to attach all that to. Then you could look at the mainboard and make sure it is a 32 bit flavor and setup the dual Z auto align. It is all the rage.

    I might also change that short PTFE tube to a blue Capricorn tube. Just for better control over the extruder and retractions.

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    it's an ender 3 clone.

    so assume all relevant info for ender 3's should apply.

    power wise you just need a standard pc power cable.

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    If I were you, I would first plug the printer into an outlet.

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