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    What 3d printer is this?

    I bought a used 3d printer from Facebook marketplace but I have no idea how to get it working or should I buy a step up transformer to turn it on.

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    There are no brand or symbols. nothing ;( . I know nothing about 3d printers

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    IDK but it looks to have some potential. You will want to find a second Z motor, mount, coupler, leadscrew and end for the gantry to attach all that to. Then you could look at the mainboard and make sure it is a 32 bit flavor and setup the dual Z auto align. It is all the rage.

    I might also change that short PTFE tube to a blue Capricorn tube. Just for better control over the extruder and retractions.

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    it's an ender 3 clone.

    so assume all relevant info for ender 3's should apply.

    power wise you just need a standard pc power cable.

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    If I were you, I would first plug the printer into an outlet.

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    Look at the power supply, somewhere on it you just might find a switch that is marked 110 or 220. Switch it to 110 and use a standard computer power cord to the wall. No switch, those power supplies are not real expensive MPJA.COM will have something close, just match the DC voltage 12 or 24 and the same amps or higher.

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    so assume all relevant info for ender 3's should apply.

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    Discovered not all Creality boards are the same, the one I bought will only work in an Ender printer with the Ender display. The one to buy is the Creality V4.2.7. Thanks to Amazon's return policy, I'm going to get out of making a stupid mistake.

    This adds nothing fancy to the printer, just gets the machine whear it should have been when I received it. It will work with the Aquila display and is almost a direct replacement. The big issue is the mounting holes are not the same. Only one mounting screw lines up. My plan is to cut off the standoffs, drill new mounting holes and mount the board with new standoffs, this will keep the USB and card slot in the proper location.

    After replacing the board you can load whatever firmware you want, OctoPrint will work as it should and of you want to add a touch probe it will work.

    Voxelab should be ashamed for dumping these printers on the market. They should give everyone that bought the dreaded H32 some sort of rebate.

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    Sorry somehow I replied to the wrong thread, the above post was suppose to go in the replacing the main board thread. Maybe a mod can move it?

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