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    Question Printing Flat Parts without supports on SLA Printers?

    Hi Everyone,This is just a general question that I'm just trying find out what is the best method for printing flat parts on SLA printers? I'm new to SLA printing so excuse me if this is a straight forward answer. I've been watching a few YouTube videos to try and get a better idea of what's the best practice but a lot of the videos I see is mainly of printing miniature figures or really complex pieces that obviously need supporting. I mainly print square rectangular blocks that with some that may have a slot which is facing towards the FEP so there is no overhang for the resin to pool. I've heard that if you print directly off the build plate without supports it can cause peel/suction force which causes the print to stick to the FEP or the print to fail. I have printed one flat piece without supports before and it came out okay albeit it did lose it's dimensional properties. The flat piece which printed did have tiny dimples on the final surface facing the FEP sheet so not sure what's caused that? If anyone can help answer if printing of the build plate is fine and won't damage the FEP would be hugely grateful, also does anyone know why I have the dimples on the final surface layer?Thanks in advance
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