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    I set up the esp 12s with the basic mks firmware.
    So I know it works.

    the aerial is not good enough to connect to my router, but the esp generates it's own wifi network - it's a clever little chip with a full router built in.

    I could connect both the pc and my pocket computer (mine is used for that much much more than as a phone) to it's own network with no problem.

    But that's almost all you can do with the stock firmware. It's pretty useless.
    There is a custom firmware that apparently adds all the stuff you actually need.
    ie: uploading a file via wifi to the sd card. And monitoring temps and starting and stopping prints.

    The firmware setup process looked a bit fiddly, so I've yet to try it.
    Plus i can't remember what it was called and will need to do a forum search - again lol

    Plus all you do is drop the esp firmware on the sd card and it just hoovers it up on printer boot.
    I do like that about these boards. No buggering around.

    halfway through changeover:

    esp chip

    Ribbon cable clip

    I should really have made it from pla - but alexa's got petg loaded and I couldn't be arsed to change it over.
    Plus the petg is a bit more flexible, so more robust for this particular use.
    Anyway it worked, and that's 99% of what counts :-)
    When you're dealing with something 0.5mm thick, tough is often better than hard lol

    If you're wondering about the little 'teeth' at the ends. I didn't leave a big enough gap between the arms and the ribbon press - so had to clip a bit off each side with the side clippers.
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    esp3d !
    that's what the firmware is called.

    I really really really hate github.

    Just no logic at all in the way the files are stored and retrieved.

    It's like the programmers from facebook had a baby with the microsoft file security people and it was raised by lobsters and then wrote the github file system, with its eyes closed.

    Just makes no sense to actual human people.

    As far as i can tell, all the github does is give you the uncompiled files.
    I just want the finished bin file, is that too much to ask ? lol

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