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    Changing scale in a model

    Hello to all,I am new in 3d printing world,excuse me if my quetion is a bit silly.I got a printing file wich is a figure 1/10 scale.Is it possible to change the scale to a bigger size 1/6 or 1/4?If yes which program i have to use?With zbrush is possible?Also the figure will lost details printing in bigger size?I am a bit confused,cause i dont understand if a digital artist from the moment sculpted a figure in 1/10,thats it??Is a way print it bigger without loosing details?Thanks

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    It's quite easy to increase scale. Rather than going through the trouble of scaling in an editing or creating program, one can use the slicer to make the desired adjustments.

    Going to a larger scale, you won't lose detail, but you may notice some unusual characteristics in the design. Consider an ordinary photograph, say one with 640 x 480 settings. If you increase the image to 1280 x 960, the individual pixels will be that much more visible.

    In 3D printing, the same applies. What might be a small detail, perhaps the nose of a humanoid character, becomes larger by the desired increase. In small scale, the nose would not be unusual, but if it is composed of only 4 voxels, those individual voxels would become larger but remain only four.

    Typically, a designer will aim for high detail in a small figure, which results in good detail when scaled up. I suspect you won't lose much by going from 1:10 to 1:4, which is a factor of 2.5, not particularly large.

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