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    Your favorite subject at school

    When you were in school did you enjoy learning? If yes, what was your favorite subject at school and why? I didn't like studying and I still don't, but my job requires me to know several languages and now I need to learn French. What can you advise me to do?

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    Well, when I was studying I liked studying, but most of all I liked learning English. For me it was one of the most interesting and coolest subjects. Well, you should hire a tutor to improve your knowledge of French.

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    You can't go back in time and you didn't know what you might need in the future. In any case, in order to learn something you have three ways: 1) learn on your own 2) take a course 3) hire a tutor such as Up Skills Tutor. Whichever option you choose is a good solution

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    My favorite subject at school was gymnastics, but I will say this, you should always study.

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